TC House

2000 Trezzo d'Adda, Italy

Interior design

This house is inside a beautiful park in a typical village in Lombardia, on the river shore Adda. The refurbishment project, realized for a young couple of professionals with two children, completely revolutionizes the old structure keeping unaltered the main fronts. The distribution scheme of the ground floor turns around the block elevator/stairs that hides in part the rooms behind a useful and containing backstage. From the main entrance, a well-illuminated corridor guides to the dining room. From the main entrance are also visible the workspace at the right and the living room at the left. At the first floor, the original volumes have been left untouched. No dividing interrupts the way of the white painted wooden roofs. Inside the master bedroom, the closet block divides the night space from the bathroom. Meantime, in the children’s bedroom, a filter area dedicated to the games interrupts the visual continuity. All the floors are in black painted wood with the exception of the bathrooms area which have a stone floor. At the ground floor there is a big housekeeping space dedicated to the hobbies.