Lakis Gavalas

1999 Athen, Greece

Interior design

The company Gavalas is the most important fashion import company of the Pelopponese. The offices in Kifissia host more than eighty employees that dictate the style to the young Greeks with their dynamic president, Lakis Gavalas. We meet Lakis Gavalas in Milan in 1998, and with him we plan the development of new stores that would have been be open, in sequence, in the entire Greece. This is the second store we have been commissioned, perfectly complies to Gavalas’requests that wants to present his style of life in this place. Objects for home, furniture, jewellery, fragrances, and naturally accessories and clothing inside a very sophisticated place conceived as a big store dedicated to the luxury. Inside an old building in the historical centre of the city, we elaborate a project more restrained than the precedent because the volumes and the dimensions doesn’t permit to have the same movement freedom than the previous work.