Azabudai Hills Tokyo

2025 Tokyo, Japan

Interior design Residential

The concept of the Toranomon-Azabudai Project is a “MODERN URBAN VILLAGE”; it aims to be a huge open space at the heart of Tokyo filled with lush greenery that will bring people closer together and build a new community. The project will seamlessly weave offices, residences, a hotel, an international school, retail shops, restaurants and cultural facilities into the fabric of everyday life, encompassing work, learning, recreation, interaction and relaxation. This visionary project also aims to create “a city within a city”, which will constitute the “Hills of the future” by utilizing past experiences in the Hills-series of redevelopments. A new vision of Japanese tradition is expressed through elements that evoke lines and geometrics of architectural concept design. Custom design furniture and graphic decoration that become continuity and finishing elements over all materials that embellish and personalize the project. An organic project inside the West Tower of Toranomon Azabudai Project in Tokyo, that includes: B1 Floor, Lobby, Second Floor (Gym, Theatre, Study, Kids Room), Standard Units, Premium Units, Party Lounge, and Guest Rooms.