Rimowa Via Sant'Andrea

2019 Milano, Italy

Interior design

In the heart of Milan's fashion district, the famed luggage brand Rimowa will open their new store in 2019. Marco Costanzi Architects was awarded the design after successfully winning an open international competition. Materials that invoke both the city of Milan and the image of the brand are blended into the shop's concept. The use of common Lombard Gré for the interior paving melds perfectly with the vertical galvanized steel zinc plated display cases. The speckled texture of the metal is meant to reflect the innovative nature of the brand. The lighting design projects a mix of nuanced colors along the walls that plays an integral part in expressing the freshness and trend setting nature of the brands limited edition luggage, is inspired by the works of the American artist Robert Irwin. The space is divided into alternating areas of luggage, life style product, sticker, table and collaboration displays as well as a client lounge dedicated to the demands for personalized luggage. Of particular importance in catching the attention of pedestrians are the shop windows where the brands latest models are exhibited - the suitcases move up and down through the clever use of mechanical lifts. The repetition of the new logo emphasizes the brand's recognizable and unmistakable mark on the luxury market.