Sergio Rossi, Via Montenapoleone, Milan

2018 Milan


It is in the DNA of the brand that we have sought inspiration for the definition of the new concept for Sergio Rossi. Elegance, femininity, craftsmanship combine and blend into the design of the new image of Sergio Rossi, up to define every detail as well as in creative and constructive path of the shoe. The boutique is transformed into a cozy, contemporary setting, defined by real and natural materials like solid wood in walnut and Italian marble: red breccia pernice and gray ceppo di gre. The soft and light colors of the new boutique become the ideal setting for the presentation of Sergio Rossi collections. The pursuit of detail in an apparent simplicity is the stylistic hallmark of this project. So the light frames of bright brass frame the shoes as jewels on solid wood bookcases. Seats and display tables become small architectures on which to play with visual productions always different and appealing. It is a style lesson that we found in the archives of Sergio Rossi and that, with much respect, we have tried to reinterpret in the new interior design project.