Corneliani boutique, Rome

2018 Rome, Italy


The Mantua-base brand unveils its new store concept debuting at the Roman boutique on Via del Babuino. Elegance, beauty, uniqueness. Corneliani’s sophisticated and impeccable style finds an exceptional, engaging expression in the new store concept, making its official debut at the prestigious boutique located on Via del Babuino, in the heart of Rome. Following an attentive study of the brand’s style codes and values, architect Marco Costanzi conceived a project which fully interprets, in an holistic way, the aesthetic and ethical heritage rooted in the Corneliani company. Luxury, craftsmanship, masculinity and a celebration of the Mantua roots of the brand are the pillars of the new store concept, which is unveiled in the new Roman boutique, spanning 160 mq on one level. Designed to guarantee customers an immersive experience into the Corneliani world, the new store offers an elegant and unique stage for the brand’s collections, which are showcased with a spontaneous and effortless attitude. Breaking the traditional rigorous merchandising rules, products perfectly blend with the environment to express a specific lifestyle. Objects dialogue with the space to communicate ideas and feelings. The love for details and the outstanding craftsmanship rooted in the brand’s DNA translate into the materials, which are all natural and destined to constantly change highlighting the unstoppable passing of time. Precious terracotta tiles, handmade in the Mantua area and worked in unconventional black and grey tones, are combined on the floor with an exclusive peach flower marble showing a mat finishing. Walnut battens in different shades are juxtaposed on the walls to soft leather panels, chic green marble inserts and mirrored surfaces giving more depth to the space. The color palette pays homage to Palazzo Te, a wonderful expression of the Italian Renaissance. Rigor and elegance define the displays where brass is matched with crystal to create a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. In the main room, defined by an impressive skylight, the area dedicated to the exclusive “Made to Measure” service is dominated by a backlit wall featuring a graphic brass structure embellished with colorful resin cubes housing tailoring’s most iconic instruments. The area also includes a customized table and a wooden open wardrobe showing a geometric design inspired by the kilns used to manufacture terracotta tiles. Vintage seats and armchairs, along with several works of art and photo books, decorate the boutique’s three rooms enhancing the cozy atmosphere of the space, which welcomes Corneliani customers in a exclusive and personal environment, deeply infused with that sophisticated masculinity representing the image of the brand in the world. In keeping with Cornaliani retail expansion strategy, the new store concept will debut in London and Dubai next year.